the newsletter for your apartment search in zurich

naloo’s immomailing is a newsletter with apartments for rent, normal unfurnished appartments, temporary, furnished or shared apartments, work- and parkingspaces in zurich and greater area and vacation apartments in switzerland and abroad.

the newsletter is sent daily (monday -friday), the ads should not show up in any of the other real-estate-websites like homegate. the website and most ads are written in german.

looking for a new apartment?

to join the mailing list, you have to make a one-time-payment of chf 46 (including VAT). the subscription is not time-limited, you stay on the list for as long as you wish. but if you cancel the subscription, you would have to pay again, to sign-in again.

to sign in, got to the sign-in page leave your name and email address, and the payment-information will be sent to your email address. to sign-in-page.

after paying the fee you will get the daily mailings, to make searching easier, the mailing is divided into the following groups:
zurich city • kanton of zurich • switzerland • shared apartments • temporary and/or furnished • exchange • workspace • parking space • abroad/vacation

finding an apartment in zurich can be tricky, there is lots of information on my website worth looking at:
apartment search links, it always good to search on multiple websites.
tips and tricks for your apartment search.
furnished, temporary and apartment swaps are public, sometimes this can be good alternative.

if you have further questions or need more help, email me anytime.

looking for a new tenant for your apartement?

to place an apartment-ad on naloo’s immomailing  you do not need to be on my mailing list and placing an ad is free of charge. just fill in the next tenant form and your ad will be on the next mailing. place your apartment-ad now.

a few details: the ads shoud not be on any other real-estate-website on the day i place the ad on my mailing and i do not want ads on my mailing, where people have to buy old furniture in order to get the apartment-contract, please sell furniture on websites like or

if you have further questions or need more help, email me anytime.

about naloo

naloo is nadia loosli and my graphics- and webdesign company

i started with naloo’s immomailing in the 90ties when i got my first emailadress, every now and then i got emails from people who were moving and were looking for a new tenant, as i used to go out quit often, i heard of many people who were searching for new apartments, but next day, i couldn’t remember who that was, so i started to send those emails to all my friends.

a few years have passed, the mailing got bigger and more professional, but i still activate all emails by hand and write many personal emails every day, so if you need help, email me anytime, although i can’t offer personal assistance, i might be able to help with some tips and tricks.

good luck with your search!

nadia loosli