naloo's immomailing wohnungssuche newsletter in zuerich naloo's immomailing wohnungssuche newsletter in zuerich

naloo's immomailing

naloo’s immomailing

is a newsletter with apartments for rent, furnished flats, shared apartments etc in the greater area of zurich, the newsletter is sent daily (mo-fri).

looking for an apartement to rent?

the ads should not show up in any of the other real-estate-websites like homegate (it can happen though, but very rarely). most ads are written in german, in each email there is a link to open the content in the browser, there you can use google translate to translate the text to english, or any other language.

the newsletter is sorted into the following groups:
zurich city
kanton of zurich
shared apartments
parking space

everybody gets everything, i do not filter the ads in any way.

in order to join the mailing list, you have to make a one-time-payment of chf 46 (including 8.0% VAT). to sign in, leave your name and email address, and the payment-information will be sent to your email account.
the subscription is not time-limited, you stay on the list for as long as you wish. if you cancel the subscription and want to get back on the list sometime in the future, you will have to pay again.

if you have further questions or need more help, email me anytime.

good luck!
naloo . nadia loosli